What’s this site about?

For the last 6+ years I’ve been asked “So, what do you do?” what seems to be a million times…

I hate that question, I never know what to say. I mumble awkwardly something about “I do commission sales online using those annoying Facebook ads you see” – this is a horrible description but people can understand and relate to it.

That’s also not all I do. Things change so fast in the online business world. One day it’s selling education leads on Facebook, the next I’m doing SEO (search engine optimization) in Brazil for popular products…or starting a wine club.

My goals for the blog are:

  • Help explain what I do to my friends and family
  • Something I can show my future kids
  • Teach other what I’ve learnt and experienced with marketing, business, travel, investing, life and anything else I find interesting and helpful…
  • Get better at writing
  • Building my network of successful people (new opportunities)
  • Learn. Learn. Learn. Never stop learning.

2 thoughts on “What’s this site about?

  1. E. W. Fedosky

    I am very interested to know more about your wine club. I sell marketing ideas and products to private clubs (dinner clubs, downtown clubs, country clubs, etc.). Wines are important to the members and guests of these orgs.

    How could a wine club be started among this group of people?



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