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7 Words My Grandma Casually Said that Instantly Changed My Life

My grandparents had just retired (at around 65) or a little younger. They had a good life. But like everyone else couldn’t wait to retire. Spend more time in the warm South, golfing, relaxing and hanging with friends. They were ready for some fun! Then it happened…

Out of the blue my grandpa can’t get out of bed one night…they call an ambulance for help…

It’s a stroke. And a fairly bad one…he’s alive but lost control of 90% of his left side. No more golf, no more walking with-out help, no more wiping your own ass. Gone. Instantly. With-out warning.

I can’t begin to imagine my grandpas thoughts. One minute your playing golf, fishing, doing yard work and then next day its gone. Taken away. That is a hard concept to understand. And I don’t.

I remember sitting there in the tiny, all white, hospital bed visiting them…

My grandma looks at me and looks away through the tiny square window. With a sound of disappointment and shock she whispers the 7 words that will never leave me (one of my main motivations in business and life now)

“And they call these the Golden Years”

Those 7 simple words change my life. It hit my right there in the moment. I knew I didn’t want a ‘normal’ life. I didn’t want to wait until 60+ to enjoy freedom. Don’t get me wrong, they had a good life with experiences and a large, loving family. But they had been lied to. They had been told from ‘they’ (who is they anyways?) that you work hard 8+ hours a day for 45 years and then you can do WHATEVER you want for the last 20+ years (when your odds of medical issues is much higher). It’s bullshit.

That was not me. Not my life. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I had too. There was no other choice. I got started.

This was not just about business and money. It was about time. I wanted both. And I had to enjoy the journey. My mindset changed.

When I catch myself wasting time (it happens quite a bit) I snap myself back beside that tiny hospital bed. I can see my grandpa laying there wondering whats going to happen. Many more questions then answers. And seeing my grandma lean back in her chair and whisper those 7 words. “And they call these the Golden Years”.