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  1. Coach Selby

    Hi there,
    I came across you warrior post and something in me wants to explore seeing if we can work together and make some money. I am a sports motivation guy who is seeking to develop systems to get list and sales going. would love to chat with you.
    Coach Selby

    1. joelraitt Post author

      Hey, slow response here haha – that is what I have set up for one of my sites 🙂 It works great! You need a high margin though to make it work!

  2. Surj

    Hi intetested in starting a referral business online targeting different customers. Looking to partner with yourself since you have IM experience and take or across North America. I’m currently living I. Victoria BC you from kelowna?

    Sunny Sundher

  3. Kirk

    came across a post you did on the warrior forum Why not set up your own ‘dropship’ style with a fulfilment house (keeping you a larger %)”. I am interested in learning more about what you’re talking about.

    Best regards!

  4. solomon

    Hello Joe,

    I came across your post on Warriorofrum regarding shopify. I would like to know how that system works and also if you have a coaching/mentor program in that regard.



    1. joelraitt Post author

      I don’t have a coaching program…I just think it would be to hard / so much work to put together something great. I’m here to help though.

  5. Yaw

    Saw your post on warrior forum where you mention the challenge of trying to predict inventory. Can I run a concept by you?

  6. Chris

    Hi Joel!,

    I enjoy reading your posts on Warrior Forum. You mentioned promoting offers using PPC. Is it as simple as building a great landing page and linking it to your Affiliate offer and promoting that offer using Google AdWords? I feel like I’m missing something.

    Thanks again Joel!

    1. joelraitt Post author

      Sort of…there is a lot of testing involved. I prefer FB ads for that. But I’ve done FB ads to Opt-in landing page – redirect to affiliate offer and make it profitable WHILE building an email list. The key is to make money while building that list (which can then make you more)

  7. Jagdeep Khak

    Hey Joel!

    Your content on the warrior forum inspired me to forget about drop shipping (being that it’s short term) and pursue a long term e-commerce business by buying inventory, reading both Claude Hopkins & David Ogilvy’s books on direct response (to understand who you’re marketing to & how to induce them) and try to create a brand worth buying.

    Before I start paying for fb campaigns, (and trust me I thought it over several times before asking you on advice like you noted in one of your blogs) should I be following Gary Vee’s method on jabbing before I start with the right hook content? Or subtly provide a mix of both where the consumer doesn’t feel like he’s getting sold?

    Thanks Joel.

    1. joelraitt Post author


      I always like the idea of finding/knowing how to reach the audience you want first. We build our audience and the relationships slowly and then introduced the offers/products. It can be a small amount to start – but I believe in building that community and building a business around that. So yah, jab em! But I also think it’s a balance depending on your situation and cash….too many jabs cost a lot of money, I believe in cash flow being positive too! Wish I had a more accurate answer fo ryou….but a lot of variables!


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