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Use Amazon to Automate and Simplify Your Life (And Save Money)

I’ve been reading and studying recently on ‘decision fatigue’. Basically, you can only make a few ¬†good decisions a day…after that you can’t be trusted! The scary part is it’s like physical fatigue but you have no idea it’s happening…scary stuff!

I’ve been trying to simplify and automate my life as much as possible to reduce non-important decision making while also giving me more free-time. While being realistic…

With Amazon’s ‘Subscribe and Save’ product if you subscribe to 5 items you save an additional 15% and you alway get free shipping…

Here is a list of things I hated choosing in stores (way to many options) that now come automatically to me thanks to Amazon.

  • Laundry detergent – Once every 3 months
  • Dish washer soap – Once every 3 months
  • Toilet Paper – Once ever 2 months
  • Tooth Paste – Once Every 2 months
  • Tooth Brush – Once every 2 months (I used to go way longer but for $1.15 why not)
  • Deodorant – Once every 2 months
  • Paper Towels – Once Ever 2 months

I’m constantly adding new items I find my self re-ordering. They make it so easy to ‘skip’ or change frequency it takes almost no time. I had to make a few tweaks but now it runs great – its like Amazon knows exactly when stuff will run out and ships it to me…amazing!

Take a few moments to set this up to save yourself time and limit the choices you make.