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Are You Losing 13% of Your ‘Discount Code’ Sales

This is a quick but valuable post on discount and coupon codes.

We do a lot with coupon codes on our e-commerce site, for instance, we offer free shipping on all orders over $25 (out average product cost is about $20 so this helped increase cart size)

Our copy for the free shipping CTA can be seen below:

Screenshot 2016-04-17 11.17.11

here are the results:

Screenshot 2016-04-17 11.27.21

and then I lated added this discount code (this was about 1 sale ever 3 days):

Screenshot 2016-04-17 11.28.32

So 37 / 547 people entered the WRONG code…it could be that the copy isn’t clear but I think people will make mistakes no matter what. This example is only about 7% messed up but some of our other tests show upwards of 13%. That works out to a lot of missed sales. Most people wont try the discount code again especially yin the direct response world…

Check those discount codes and try variances and flipping the words! It will definitely increase your sales.


How to Use Shopify for Direct Response Marketing (and increase sales 20-40%)

I’m a direct response marketer at heart. I enjoy all (almost) other parts of business as well, but direct response is what I love doing. Nothing beats the rush of a successful campaign. Looking through the data…finding pockets of profit and optimizing until you find a winner. It’s modern day mining for gold. Best job in the world.

Shopify is a great place to start (if you have your own product to sell). It’s simple. Fast. They have great support. It has it’s downsides for direct response marketing but that’s what we’re working on today. A simple list of things you can do to give yourself a chances of success using shopify and direct response marketing.

  1. Add another ‘Add to cart’ button: Make sure to have 2 add to cart buttons, I like one at the top and one at the bottom, this added about 10% to my sales. Make it easy for them to find and click.
  2. Auto redirect to cart: This depends on our product, but in most cases, have your ‘Add to cart’ button automatically redirect to your cart page. Don’t have it show a little image go to the cart….and let them keep shopping….CATCH them in the buying moment. Redirect them and move them along…you can still upsell them.
  3. UPSELL THEM: This added an easy $5-$8+ per cart for me (that is huge) there are a few good ones but I like the Unlimited Upsell app by Spurit.
  4. Use an exit pop: I wasn’t sure about this, it seems a little ‘aggressive’ even for me…but hey, they are leaving anyways so it’s all bonus traffic. I tested privy’s exit pop offering VIP treatment and free shipping code…it added 8-10% to my sales instantly. I eventually upgraded to the paid version as the exit pop was going off on all pages and people kept messaging to get a refund on shipping after they ordered. They are adding a split tester soon so that will be even better. Here is their link:
  5. Abandoned cart follow up: I used shopify option for a while but it only offers 1 message. I upgraded to Abandonment Protector by Friendlinker. You can choose 3 emails spread out over your choice of time frames…this allows me to recover as many as I can before offering a discount on the last email. My recovery rate is 14% with the shopify average being around 7%.
  6. Use FB conversion Pixel: This is the easiest way to track your ads results. FB will show you your spend vs orders right inside your ad manager. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough. You can see your average cart value and go from there. Not only that but it will eventually learn and help optimize to show your ads to buyers…it’s the fastest way to scale FB campaigns from $150 to 1500+ a day in spend.

These 5 tasks can be done in less than a day and should add between 20-40% to your sales. Give them a try and let me know how it works.

As always, keep on testing and improving!