6 steps to get any small business to work with you

I was always amazed when I heard people who had ’20, 50, 100 direct business deals’ – how does that happen? A big expensive team? Sales presentation? Nope. Here are a few ‘hacks’ to get you in the door with any business…(now that we’ve done it)

I’ve referred to our company OkanaganWine.Club before (we market wines for wineries in our region).

After lots of trial and error, here are the steps to make it almost impossible for any winery to say no to us (or any business in your case):

1) Ask them what they want…and what they get annoyed with?

Wineries kept repeating to us “We get called and pitched to advertise in magazines, websites, SEO, and so on every day, if I said yes to them all I’d be broke – and I have no idea if they work” – these are classic sales guys pithing ads with no proven results (most were probably scams).

They were not interested in buying or managing advertisements. They want to make wine. I saw this is an opportunity. If we bring them SALES and take a marketing fee based on volume…it’s no risk for them and unlimited scalability for us….a true win-win.

2) Make it DEAD simple for them (you have to do all the work)

Business owners are busy. Especially wineries. Growing grapes, making wine, accounting, traveling and selling wines and so on… Our sales pitch is this

“Hey, our last wine launch sold $xx,xxx worth of wine…we pre-sell for you on our site, the money goes directly into your bank account, we pick-up, pack and ship the wine for you as a free service.”

After 5 minutes they are set up and ready to go – we confirm and boom…let the sales begin. Hands off, no risk, easy money for them. Not to mention the free reach and advertising they will cash in on later…(when people come back to visit them because they now like their wines)

3) Let them see the results for FREE (prove you can help them)

Luckily my friend owns a small winery and agreed to do a test with us (and found 2 other wineries to do the same). We didn’t know if we were going to sell even 1 bottle. To keep things simple (and build scarcity) we ran our emails and ads mentioning a limited to 25 exclusive offer. We took no marketing fee or commissions on this test. The wineries got 100% of the money for wine sold. We had to prove our worth. They were stoked with the sales (we sold out) and we were stoked at proving the next step in our business…

4) Ask them for referrals (they all know each other)

Since that first launch, each launch has been easier. We now have a list of wineries wanting to work with us. Bring real results of sales and cash to a business and they will find you! This is great because you can spend more time on providing a great service and product.

5) Put together a ‘sales package’ with FAQ and your results from previous business

We’re a team of 2 (and for the most part want to keep it lean) – so it’s important to keep records and let paper and other documents sell your service when needed. Get an FAQ and super basic layout of how your business works. This saves everyone time . (we also use instructional video to lead them through the 5 minute sign up)

6) Still do ALL the work for them and keep bringing results

Keep doing what got your first sales. Always keep it easy for them. If you make it dead simple and get them real results, you’re in business for a long time. They will love you. Most people don’t work like this. Start changing and you may see it slip away. Stick with what works!

Take these 6 steps combined with a good product or service and you can get in the door of any small business. 99% of ‘marketing’ companies are selling selling selling…if you bring real, tracked results to a business and you will always be in demand.

Good luck!


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